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Glamour, Attitude, Refinement, Polish, Style, Symmetry.


Downtown Sugar is an adventure back in time to Old Hollywood Glamour. It was a time when beauty had an inner definition that flowed with light, structure and attitude. We are stepping out of the assembly line that leaves women looking like someone pasted them together and into the freshest approach which enhances the unique refinement and truly defines the Modern Woman.

The Downtown Sugar's mission goes well beyond shaping a common brow or offering the usual bikini wax within a regular salon, but expands into the true polish, style and individual symmetry of a woman or a man. Specifically, we feature a truly natural and original approach to your beauty and maintenance routine. Sugaring is offered in place of all your waxing needs, hence the inspiration for our name; Downtown Sugar.

We hope you find Downtown Sugar to be your authentic journey. Our hope is to inspire you to refine your style palate and to find organic beauty sparked by innovation, art, culture, music and color.

Our team are experts in crafting, sculpting wonderful areas of your body, while protecting your skin and making you as comfortable as possible for the uncomfortable.